Monday, 13 August 2012

VIDEO: The Grand Prize Draw!

After 3 weeks, 14 Daily Tasks and literally thousands of Scavenger Hunt points earned, it's the moment we've all been waiting for...

Click 'play' to find out which lucky player has won the trip of a lifetime to a Limmud event anywhere in the world!


Thursday, 9 August 2012

Day 14 - Daily Prize Update

The scoreboard has now been updated for Day 14 and can be viewed here.

Well done to everyone who played today's mega-task and especially to the 16 of you who scored 12 points!

On Sunday, we will publish everybody's ticket numbers in time for Monday's the Grand Prize Draw.

Today's Daily Prize, the Negev Nectars Gift Pack, was awarded at random to someone who played today's game. The winner is...

Susanne Rosenhouse

Well done Susanne! An ROI representative will be in touch shortly to arrange delivery of your prize!

Well that's all folks! Check back on Sunday to see your Grand Prize Draw ticket numbers and then we'll see you all on Monday for the draw itself!

Shabbat Shalom!

Day 14 - Daily Task - The Answers

Well done to everyone who had a go at today's monster task!

Here are the answers to all 6 mini-tasks!

Check back soon to find out how many points you earned and to see your final position on the scoreboard. And look out to see if you were the winner of today's Daily Prize, the Negev Nectars Gift Pack!

Your final points total today will be the number of entries that you will have for Monday's Grand Prize Draw. Full details of the draw will be announced later today!

Day 14 - The Scavenger Hunt is now CLOSED!

The Daily Task for Day 14, and the entire Scavenger Hunt is now closed!

Stay tuned for a full set of answers from all 6 of today's tasks!

Day 14 - Daily Task - The Mother Of All Tasks!

After 3 roller-coaster weeks, we have finally reached the end of the game!

Today's Daily Task marks your final opportunity to pick up points before the Grand Prize Draw and, oh boy, you can seriously pick up a nice amount of points today!

In this video, Debbie and Dudu provide an important summary of events to date and you'll find out just how they went about designing today's task!

So, as Debbie and Dudu explained, this final task is worth 12 points and is made up of 6 fun mini-tasks! It is designed to remind you of some of the best (and most frustrating) challenges that you may have completed over the past 3 weeks. It is hosted on a tab on our Facebook page and can be found here!

This really is your last chance to collect the points that will give you the best possible chance of winning the incredible Grand Prize of a trip to a Limmud event of your choice, anywhere in the world, so take it slowly and make the most of this opportunity.

Of course, there is also one final Daily Prize up for grabs! Today's prize is a fantastic gift  - the stunning Summer Selection Gift Box from Negev Nectars! Negev Nectars is the initiative of ROI Community member Jeffrey Yoskowitz. It is a gourmet food company, that sells the finest sustainable produce sourced from the Negev desert and, perhaps most importantly, provides valuable support to Israeli farmers. It will be awarded at random to someone who plays today's task.
Don't forget that for your points earned today, or from any previous day, to be counted towards the Grand Prize Draw, you must have registered for the game, which you can do here.

Day 14 - Meet The ROIers - The Techies!

The internet is a hotbed of innovation and invention and nowhere is this more true than within the ROI Community. While many ROI members are involved in extremely cutting-edge online initiatives (some amazing projects!), we have selected a small number to showcase here:

Jerusalem native Tzvika Avnery is the Co-Founder and Marketing Director of WiseStamp, a globally successful internet start up with over 2 million installs worldwide.

Nir Kouris is the Founder and CEO of YOO Interactive. He dedicates a great deal of his time towards unique initiatives aimed at inspiring young people to fulfill their potential.

By the age of 21, Micah Bergdale had already worked for Apple for 3 years and had founded his own IT consulting company. He is now heavily involved in a range of entrepreneurial activities and Jewish community building initiatives.

Social media maven Chaviva Galatz worked as a copy editor for The Washington Post and then moved to Chicago to work for a Nobel-prize winning economist at the University of Chicago where she honed her social media skills through her blog, Twitter, Facebook and other web platforms.

Shai Davis is the Director of Product at, an online marketplace that connects people seeking high quality natural products with those who create them. In his spare time he enjoys many hobbies, including painting, photography and cooking.

Leah Jones is the Vice President of Emerging Media at Olson. She is working on accounts throughout the company including Miller Coors, Wrigley, Optima batteries and P.F. Chang's. Leah previously owned Natiiv Arts & Media where she taught social media to rabbis and rock-stars before briefly joining a start-up.

Jonathan Schilit is the founder and CEO of Waveborn, a social enterprise aimed at combining the cool of fashion with the soul of giving. Waveborn sells high quality sunglasses and, for every pair sold, donates a pair of eyeglasses to people that need them.

Elliot Cowan is the Founder and Creative Director of Br&.ish (Brandish), a multi-disciplinary design company that specializes in working with Jewish organizations around the world on anything and everything from branding to apps and websites.

Based in Budapest, Andrea Ausztrics produces films and creates websites. As part of her community involvement, Andrea coordinates online projects and develops websites for Jewish organizations in Hungary.

Adam Courtney is a marketing and branding consultant, specializing in audience and community development. He is also an artist and educator who teaches Jewish ideas and culture through the lens of art around the US and in Israel.

Brian Elliot is the VP of Partnerships at Amicus, which builds online advocacy and fundraising technology for nonprofits. Brian also founded Friendfactor in 2009, a web-savvy LGBT rights organization. 

Harry Rubinstein serves as the Co-Founder and CEO of Action Packed Media, a creative workshop specializing in content development, design, social media, search engine optimization and other Internet initiatives. Harry has a sixth sense that enables him to communicate with his canine friends!

Samuel Sjoblom is a Jewish innovator and social entrepreneur based in Stockholm, Sweden. He is currently the CEO of Fanzingo, a major independent media house that uses new media as a tool for social change.

Brett Lockspeiser started his career at Google where, as a Product Manager, he developed data driven consumer web applications. He has since worked for a number of startups and has recently started to branch out into the 'nonprofit start up' arena. 

Aryeh Goldsmith has more than 15 years of experience creating successful online projects and services. Amongst his various ongoing projects is, a Jewish dating site and general resource for young active professional Jews. 

Aharon Horwitz is the co-founder and director of the PresenTense Group, a leading platform for social entrepreneurship. As an activist, Aharon volunteers for the Jerusalem-based social justice organizations B'Maaglei Tzedek and Atzum's Task Force on Human Trafficking.

David Notik is the founder of Woven, a full-service web development and strategy shop dedicated to helping community-based organizations leverage online tools to more effectively engage with their constituents. David is most passionate about finding ways to solve the world's big problems through what he calls "actionable" social networking.

Day 13 - Daily Prize Update!

Wow! Some of you guys are seriously creative! We were amazed by just how much you can do with 3 simple letters!

The scores have now been updated for Day 13 and can be viewed here.

Dudu has been carefully deliberating and has decided that the 10 people that made him laugh the hardest were:

Inbal Baum
Sarah Simha Benkemoun
Dmitriy Moverguz
Elyssa Moss Rabinowitz
Karen Radkowsky
Matthew Sackett
Joel Jacobs
Dina Pilalis
Sofiya Hekht &
Tamar Snyder

Well done you are all comedy geniuses and have earned 2 bonus points!

Today's Daily Prize is the amazing Y-Love 'This is Babylon' album and it is being awarded at random to 3 people who played today's game. Those people are:

Benji Lovitt
Elyssa Moss Rabinowitz &
Ben Shimshak

Congratulations! An ROI staff member will be in touch to arrange delivery of your prize.

Well, that's all for now. We'll see you all a bit later for the very final task in the ROI Scavenger Hunt!